Our digital publications are available in a number of formats so that they can be read on any ebook reader, smart phone, computer, or tablet. If you aren't sure which version to download, the following notes should help.

If after reading this you are still unsure of the version you need for your device, please click here to send a message telling us the brand and model of your device and we will be happy to advise.


This format is designed specifically for iPad and is only available from the iBookstore. On each product page you'll find a direct link to buy the book in the iBookstore.


This is the proprietary format for Amazon's Kindle. You can also read MOBI files using Kindle-reader software on other devices.

Enhanced epub

In addition to text and images, this format includes other elements such as audio, video, animation, interactive tests, etc.

Not all readers can interpret these additional elements, but they should all still show the epub standard: text and images (the enhanced elements will be lost).

The enhanced elements will be interpreted by iPad (iBooks software) and many reader apps for iOS and Android such as Bluefire, installed on a phone, reader or tablet.


This is the simple standard format and can be read by all readers. (Note that if you have a Kindle, you should choose the MOBI version for Kindle.)

Fixed Layout

We use this format for books that are not suitable for the fluid text flow of the epub format: some texts, particularly non-fiction and children’s books, are written to work in blocks of information that must be preserved and no poet is happy if the layout artist changes his poem’s line breaks!

Currently, our Fixed Layout ebooks can be read on Nook tablets, Kindle Fire and iOS devices.